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 Rcon Commands

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PostSubject: Rcon Commands   Sat May 09, 2009 5:40 am

name x - Changes names
markplayer 1
lefthand 1
recoil 1
wiggle 1
spraylogo PwNeR cLaN.bmp
spraycolor 4
hud_fastswitch 1

//Server side/RCon commands
sv_name Server - Changes name of server
sv_hostport 36963 - Your port
sv_password If you want a password so people can get into the server
sv_rcon rofl
sv_maxplayers 32 I believe you dont have to type in the sv_ part but who knows...
sv_fow 0 - Changes Fog of War
sv_friendlyfire 0 - Changes friendlyfire if it is on
sv_lan 0 - Local area Network or in other words an offline server
sv_usgnonly 0 - USGN Members are only allowed
sv_maptransfer 1 - You can choose if they can download the map if they want (Needs clarification)
sv_spraytransfer 1 - Spraylogo trasnfer (Not much data on this one)
sv_gamemode 0 - GameModes like Standard (0) Deathmatch (1) Team Deathmatch (2) or Construction (3)
sv_specmode 1 Who can spec (Don't know anything about this)
sv_map de_cs2d or can also be "map de_cs2d"

mp_timelimit - Pretty much how much time you want for that map, so if you put in 10 minutes, the map will change to another map every 10 minutes or so
mp_winlimit - If you win that many rounds on your team, the map will change.
mp_roundlimit - Same as that but with rounds
mp_roundtime 5 - How much time to eliminate your other team, otherwise its a draw
mp_freezetime 0 - At the start of the round how long you are "frozen"
mp_buytime x.y - In minutes it gives you a time of how long you are allowed to buy things, if 1, then you have 1 minute to buy.
mp_startmoney x - How much money you start when a NEW game is started
mp_teamkillpenalty 1 - If you kill "1" of your teamates, you will be automatically be killed the next round
mp_hostagepenalty 8 - Same here, but with Hostage kills
mp_tkpunish 0 - Same as teamkill... but with a kick instead
mp_idlekick 1 - If a player is not moving (Not enough data) they can be kicked
mp_vulnerablehostages 0 - If 0 that equals it is Invincible, if 1 it can be killed
mp_c4timer 30 - If you plant a bomb, and if it is put on say 8, then you would have to wait 8 seconds for it to explode
mp_unbuyable "AWP" - Pretty much says it all, unbuyable meaning not buyable obviously however it must mp_unbuyable "AWP, Scout etc" for it work
mp_dmspawnmoney x - Also explains all, everytime you respawn in DM you will get X number money
mp_dispenser_money x - Used with the gamemode construction, if spawn a Dispense you would get 16000 money per second
mp_dispenser_health x - Same but with health
mp_turretdamage x - If spawning a turret, then it will inflict 10 dmg everyshot.
mp_unbuildable """ Same as unbuyable but with Construction
mp_autoteambalance 0 - If you have 5 CT's and 7 T's, next round a T will be moved to CT
bot_prefix [Example] Not sure if this works, but it may
bot_count 7 - THIS DOES NOT WORK
bot_jointeam 0 - SAME HERE
bot_skill 4 - Changes skill, 5 being highest (Professional) and 1 being lowest (newbie).
bot_add_t/ct - Adds a bot to the game, If changing the map, the bot will automatically be there
bot_remove_t/ct - emoves bots on either side
mp_killinfo - If you get killed by someone when it is on "1" then it would say the health and armor it had. However if on 0, it won't say anything
makect - (This needs clarification if this works with rcon) Yes this makes you a CT
maket - See above only take "CT" with "T"
makespecator - Same, take "T" and put "Spectator"
kill - Slay's the person. (Only you however.)
slap - Everyhit it takes 10 dmg without KH, and 5 dmg with KH.
deathslap - Ahhhhh the classic "slaying".
~RCon only~
rcon listplayers - --->Regular<---- listplayers will NOT show IP's. If you have RCon you can use this. IP's ONLY SHOW UP WITH RCON LISTPLAYERS


And thats it for now besides...
kick Player ID or Player Name - Kicks the person from the game, however it dosent ban them
banid - Im not sure if this works, because I don't actually remember all the ban codes
banname - I know for a fact this works, basically if you see a guy with "Player" it would be banname Player
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Rcon Commands
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